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  • Bucknell chose kor group to break the boundaries of 
    traditional admissions marketing and create a truly integrated plan for communications.
  • From inspiration to achievement

    The search/travel piece kicks off a new tone, personality, and 
    style for Bucknell’s admissions publications.
  • Integrated planning

    Sound strategy and creative thinking lead to the development of an integrated marketing plan for Bucknell’s prospective students.
  • Academics in Action

    The academics viewbook focuses on the powerful learning experiences and intellectual opportunities at Bucknell University.
  • Inside Academics in Action

    A smaller format, bold photography, and a series of inset pages captures the energy of Bucknell’s academic life.
  • Life in Full Motion

    The dynamic community life viewbook highlights the moments of inspiration and growth that fuel the activities outside the classroom.
  • Bringing academic stories to life

    An interactive video wall on the admissions landing page features ten stories of faculty and students pursuing their 
    intellectual passions at Bucknell.
  • Since its launch in 2009, Bucknell’s new admissions program has helped increase qualified applications. Early decision applications have grown by 31 percent, regular decision applications are up by 11 percent, and yield 
    increased to 41 percent in Spring of 2011.
    The video wall and back-end administration system, which monitors the users activity and preferences, launched in January of 2011, and additional videos will be posted in June. Students are engaging and providing feedback on the videos, evidence that the interactive asset is resonating with its target audience. During the recruitment season, the wall is featured on the Bucknell homepage increasing participation and driving prospective students to the admissions landing page.