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  • Two distinct audiences. One strong brand. A winning combination that increased applications and changed the perception of Emerson College. 

  • What could Emerson College do to grab the attention of prospective students early in the admissions process?

    Create a piece for high school sophomores and juniors that encourages them to explore who they are and who they want to become. 
  • How do you change Emerson’s image so that it’s seen as a liberal arts college rather than a trade school?

    Create a search piece that uses messaging and thematic imagery to shift student and parent perceptions of the college. 
  • How do you give prospective undergraduate students a clearer view into life at the school?

    Design an oversized viewbook that tells the story through
    authentic photography of current students.
  • The oversized viewbook shares the stories of five different students from different majors, using words and images to highlight their passions and connection with the Emerson 
  • Now that you have their attention, how do you keep them interested? 

    Develop a set of companion brochures that uses design and messaging to engage prospective students and reinforce the Emerson brand.
  • How do you engage graduate students? 

    Create program-specific viewbooks that provide prospective graduate students with a clear view of what an Emerson education can help achieve, and align the school with the success of its graduate alumni.
  • Inside the graduate program brochures, successful 
    alumni are featured with short, scannable text and bold 
    headlines focused on outcomes.
  • How do you keep graduate students informed throughout the admissions process? 

    Create financial aid and open house communications that are bold and informative.
  • How do you showcase a campus that’s truly in the heart of Boston? 

    Develop a flexible and portable campus visit piece that high-lights key locations and helps orient visitors.
  • How do you deliver a cross-platform experience? 

    Develop an admissions website that reinforces the new messaging, utilizes clear navigation, and reflects the personality of the Emerson brand.
  • kor’s seven-year relationship with Emerson enhanced the school’s reputation both locally and nationally, positioning it as a strong liberal arts college with a focus on communications and the arts.
    Undergraduate admission applications grew by 12.5 percent in the first year of using the new materials, and after four years were up by 50 percent. The new undergraduate communications received gold awards from both CASE and the Annual Admissions Advertising Report.
    Graduate applications increased by 30 percent in certain programs. The admissions system was awarded Best of Show in the Annual Admissions Advertising Report, and received a Bronze award for graduate admissions communications by CASE.