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  • Reinvigorating the Beaver Country Day School brand with a new system of communications that reflects its history and commitment to progressive education.

  • A new logo for BCDS

    Beaver Country Day School’s new identity is a modern update of the original cupola, symbolizing the transformations occuring on campus.
  • BCDS Works

    Teamwork. Intellectual curiosity. Leadership, integrity, and respect. Beaver Country Day School’s viewbook illustrates its truly progressive approach to education.
  • Inside BCDS Works

    A flexible approach and format highlights BCDS students and the school’s interdiscliplinary approach to education.
  • Become. Belong.

    Reflecting the different qualities of Middle and Upper Schools was the goal of these travel communications.
  • BCDS website

    Bold colors and large photography showcases 
    the school and its hands on learning approach.
  • BCDS magazine

    The quarterly alumni magazine highlights the achievements of students and alumni and the progress of the school.
  • Beaver Summer Programs

    Class was dismissed and it was time to rebrand Beaver’s innovative Summer Programs. The print communications showcase the school’s commitment to exploration and
    relationship building in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Inside Beaver Summer Programs

    The camp is shown as an active, dynamic and fun place to explore new things.
  • Swimming. Arts. Nature. Sports.

    T-shirts for camp counselors use playful icons to illustrate different elements of the programs, and leverage a bright, colorful palette that celebrates summer.
  • Beaver Country Day School’s brand and communications have been recognized with awards from UCDA, American Corporate Identity, Creativity 35 and 36, Annual Admissions Advertising Report, and American Graphic Design.